By Michael Brooks

Technological know-how starts off to get attention-grabbing while issues dont make experience. Michael Brooks unearths 13 anomalies that defy the clinical conception of this present day and forecast tomorrows breakthroughs.

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We’ve been seeing supernovae in the skies for centuries; the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe reported seeing one in 1572, more than thirty years before the invention of the telescope. They occur when a star gets too big and collapses under its own gravity. During the few weeks or months over which this collapse takes place, transforming the star into a neutron star or even a black hole, it shines with the power of 10 billion suns. On Monday, February 23, 1987, we saw such a sight. The explosion of Sanduleak-69 202, a blue giant star in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy, was notable for two reasons.

Add in a cosmological constant, and it all made sense. Given the choice between invoking negative mass and resurrecting Einstein’s long-abandoned cosmological constant, the constant won out. But only just. By January 1998, it was clear from conference presentations that the LBNL team’s data were now also pointing in the same direction; they had refined their analysis, sorting out problems like how to account for the way interstellar dust would affect the observations. The thing was, no one wanted to get it wrong.

Also to Phillippa, Millie, and Zachary for inspiration every day. ,” but “That’s funny . ” —ISAAC ASIMOV CONTENTS PROLOGUE 1 THE MISSING UNIVERSE We can only account for 4 percent of the cosmos 2 THE PIONEER ANOMALY Two spacecraft are flouting the laws of physics 3 VARYING CONSTANTS Destabilizing our view of the universe 4 COLD FUSION Nuclear energy without the drama 5 LIFE Are you more than just a bag of chemicals? 6 VIKING NASA scientists found evidence for life on Mars. Then they changed their minds.

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