By June Scott

500 Cryptic Clues is the ideal booklet for all crossword solvers and puzzle fans. June Scott has compiled lists of cryptic clues (usually purely present in crossword grids) and demanding situations her readers to unravel them. With its designated record variety layout, and thematically grouped clues, 500 Cryptic Clues will problem puzzlers to enhance their cryptic clue talents whereas having fun with fixing the puzzles. Pocket-sized, it is a excellent and strange publication for guests, commuters and somebody who enjoys fixing cryptic clues and note puzzles.

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Cite such basic loot! 16. Lady doctors might eat this? 17. Question the family. 18. Flatter. 19. Egyptian sun-god might enjoy this. 20. Not a long type of beard. 21. Trims. 22. Sounds like story in instalments. 23. Slump in the alleyway. 24. Past eight pasta. 25. Principal characters to end. Amen! VEHICLES 1. Became dispirited. 2. Capital. 3. A haricot stew. 4. Car phone. 5. Sixteen. 6. An ardent spirit. 7. Remove network of threads from valance. 8. How brickie oddly gets to work. 9. He complains all the time.

Whisk car! 20. He has ears. 21. Strange odd precious stone. 22. Reservoir. 23. Country dog. 24. Revolution. 25. Transform cool incentive. ANSWERS ANIMALS 1. Okapi 2. Fawn 3. Hare 4. Chamois 5. Stag 6. Eland 7. Pine Marten 8. Badger 9. Otter 10. Beaver 11. Ferret 12. Opossum 13. Lynx 14. Mole 15. Hedgehog 16. Camel 17. Springbok 18. Fox 19. Tapir 20. Panda 21. Zho 22. Ounce 23. Giraffe 24. Swine 25. Shrew BIRDS 1. Skua 2. Linnet 3. Osprey 4. Nightingale 5. Heron 6. Curlew 7. Stonechat 8. Lark 9.

First hydrogen missile. 25. Smart lady. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES 1. Keel over. 2. Degree for grandparent. 3. Enter in in inn. 4. Calcium oxide. 5. Bird. 6. Expensive hotel. 7. King’s beer. 8. Greek monkey. 9. Not a pretty sight one hears. 10. Conference. 11. He has energy. 12. Probe answer inside. 13. Rich tea. K! 14. Consult an anthology to find this fruit. 15. Odds on tangled chain. 16. Fixed point of time. 17. Summer hat perhaps. 18. Everyone in photo. 19. Screw rates! 20. Metal lost letter. 21.

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