By David Dalglish

“We are those who personal the evening. we're the ones with blood on our palms. we're the reapers, the demons, the darkish shadows wielding metal. we can't be denied our vengeance.”


Haern is the King's Watcher, protector opposed to thieves and nobles who may fill the evening with blood. but hundreds and hundreds of miles away, an murderer referred to as the Wraith has started slaughtering these in strength, and leaving the emblem of the Watcher in mockery. whilst Haern travels south to confront his copycat killer, he unearths a urban governed by way of the corrupt, the grasping, and the harmful. Rioters fill the streets, and the specter of warfare with the mysterious elves hangs over all. to forestall it, Haern needs to confront the lethal Wraith, and the fellow he may perhaps become.

A DANCE OF dying by way of David Dalglish
Man or God; what occurs while the traces are blurred?

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