By J.P. Seaton (Editor), Dennis Maloney (Editor)

This anthology gathers over 1500 years if chinese language Zen (Ch'an) poetry, from the earliest writing -- together with the Hsin Hsin Ming written by way of the 3rd Patriarch -- to the poetry of clergymen residing during this century. Drawn jointly by way of the Zen thread, this ragged line of poet-hermits types a profound lineage for lots of modern poets.

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He can still point to the orphan moo n for me alone, relaxes his discipline, this moment . Boat floats the clear stream, bu t the cold climbs in my berth . White moon rides a high wind , and I can' t sleep. Among the withered reed s the fisherman' s a nightmare . Thinking of the Old Mountains Toward the End of Autum n Spending the Night in a Little Villag e Hard traveling, and then a little village, for the night : a year of plenty, chickens, dogs , it's raucous as a market town . Come out to meet the stranger in the dusk: whole families, laughing, happy : beneath the moon , seining up fish from the pool.

The night you arriv e To dwell in Zen, Rinse your jug alon e In waterfall foam . PH Wei Feng (fl late I0th century ) Sent to Academician Ch'e n at the Institute for the Illumination of Literature Deep autumn Beyond the wilds , This stranger climbs a terrac e Facing the capitol . My long-distance lette r Wasn't sealed and sen t When, by wing of wild geese , Another arrived from you . Frozen earth stunt s Border trees ; the pure heavens Break up sickly clouds . Over limitless distanc e Your heart watches ; at eas e In the South Palace, your lette r Brilliant as brocade .

Self-Portrait at a Little Hermitage Monastery on Hsiu-ch'i Bamboo and tree s Wind round my hut : Pure, deep , hinting at more . Down below By the district tow n Mountain cliffs Reveal A monastery gate . Idle cranes Prolong their watergazing. Lazy bees sip flowers . Hungover , I can ' t open a book , Go hoeing In spring shade . Across the Huai delt a An occasional bell tolling . One path enter s The root of a cloud . Bamboos so ol d The wind drones through . Pool so pure , Its ancient sourc e Appears .

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