By Thomas Oberlies

The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of information. either texts nonetheless are of an immense value in India and different international locations. due to this, a grammar describing the entire diversified features of epic Sanskrit has been neglected in the past. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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PART TWO A PARABLE is a medium of connection between a lower and a higher meaning. But it is necessary to look more closely at the basis of parables and the reason they exist. In ancient teaching, Man is taken as a link between a higher and a lower world, between 'heaven' and 'earth'. Man lives physically on earth by the light of the sun but psychologically he lives by the light received by his level of understanding, which is light from 'heaven', a far more wonderful light. As a man grows in understanding, he stands more in this light and it can be said that it is only by means of receiving some fraction of this light that a man can think at all.

One side is characterised by the general term truth. The function of the intellect is to seek truth, to distinguish it from falsity and lies. The other side is characterised by the word good. Truth without good is useless. It is blind, ruthless, cruel, harsh, domineering. Truth feeds on good and good on truth. Truth only can live from good. In a bad world, where there is no good but only violence, truth cannot continue to live. It will be twisted into falsity, into lies. Then lies will seem truth.

He begs to be allowed to go to a small city. He feels he is only capable of a very small change and cannot endure what he is asked to do and knows that he should do. So he argues with the transforming forces in him and says to them: 'Behold now this city is near to flee unto and it is a little one. ) and my soul shall live', (v. 20) The angels agree and one says: 'Haste thee, escape thither for I cannot do anything until thou be come thither. Therefore the name of the city was called Zoar'. (v.

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