By Craig Utley

A Programmer's advent to visible uncomplicated .NET is helping present visible simple builders determine and comprehend a few of the significant alterations are among visible easy and visible simple .NET. This ebook additionally explores why builders may still stream to visible easy. know about the .NET framework, VB .NET VB .NET inheritance, VB .NET internet providers, VB .NET net functions, VB .NET home windows providers, .NET Assemblies, ADO.NET and ASP.NET. extra issues comprise:

  • Building periods and Assemblies with VB.NET;
  • Building home windows providers with VB.NET;
  • Upgrading VB6 initiatives to VB.NET;
  • Performance safeguard;
  • Configuration and Deployment.

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This means that your cross-language interoperability is happening at design time and run time, not just the run time given to you by COM. In addition, you can raise an error (now called an exception) in one language and have it handled by a component in another language. This is significant because now developers can write in the language with which they are most comfortable, and be assured that others writing in different languages will be able to easily use their components. The Catch This all sounds great, and you are probably getting excited about the possibilities.

1. NET, this area will display the four most recently opened projects. NET Application CHAPTER 2 03 2203-x CH02 5/25/01 9:57 AM Page 22 2 2 C h a p t e r 2 : Yo u r F i r s t V B . N E T A p p l i c a t i o n project, to create a new project, and to log a bug report. Expect this last option to disappear after the final product is released. NET environment. NET upgrades. • Online Community—This provides links to the Microsoft newsgroups. com) and not normal Usenet news servers. NET, but expect it to be fixed for the released version of Beta 2.

Click on the timer in this window and then set the timer’s Enabled property to True. The interval of 100 is fine. vb tab to get to the code. In the Sub New routine, add the following line of code right after the Add any initialization... Opacity = 0 This merely sets the opacity to 0, which means that the form will be completely invisible when the form loads. Next, use the Class Name and Method Name drop-down boxes at the top of the code window to choose the Tick event of the Timer1 control. This adds an event procedure for the Timer1_Tick event.

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