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A small group of people could really spend the rest of their lives safely in the air. D. rules are actually quite fascinating,” Klaus said. “Rule #19, for instance, clearly states that the only pens that are acceptable within the city limits are ones made from the feathers of crows. And yet Rule #39 clearly states that it is illegal to make anything out of crow feathers. ” “Maybe they don’t have any pens at all,” Violet said, “but that’s not important. ” “Yes,” Klaus said, and opened one of the books he was carrying.

I very much enjoy the company of you three children, and it would be delightful to share a mobile home with you. There’s plenty of room in the self-sustaining hot air mobile home, and once we get it to work we could launch it and never come down. Count Olaf and his associates would never be able to bother you again. ” The three Baudelaires listened closely to Hector’s suggestion, but when they tried to tell him what they thought, it felt like they were in a quandary all over again. On one hand, it would be exciting to live in such an unusual way, and the thought of being safe forever from Count Olaf’s evil clutches was very appealing, to say the least.

No,” Violet corrected. “We should rethink. And I’ve been rethinking this bench. We can use it in another way, besides as a ramp. ” Sunny asked. ” Violet picked up the bench so it was resting on her shoulder. “The bench should be pointing as evenly as possible,” she said. “Sunny, get on Klaus’s shoulders. ” Klaus and Sunny scrambled into the position Violet had suggested, and in a moment the siblings were ready to operate Violet’s latest invention. The two Baudelaire sisters had a firm hold on the wood, and Klaus had a firm hold on Sunny so she wouldn’t fall to the floor of the Deluxe Cell as they battered.

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