By Savitri Devi

An extraordinary treatise written within the thirties via Savitri Devi of Greek starting place, the e-book tells a amazing narrative on Hindu nationalism advised in a so much soaking up and logical demeanour and appeals to the main severe minds. It compels you to imagine, what Hinduism is.

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They have the sweet temper and amiable manners of people who have 67 been aristocrats since the beginning of the world. They are poor, and spotlessly clean. And by coming in contact with them, one feels like discovering an untouched spot of ancient India. When one has been walking for miles and miles, or sailing for hours and hours along the broad streams of Bengal, crossing places with Hindu names and ninety percent Mohammadan population, it is refreshing to stop in a village where there are, at least, one or two pandits, and have a talk with them There is such an atmosphere of serene Hindu life all about them, that one takes to hoping once more.

And if one adds to that the Mohammadans of the Bengali speaking border district of Assam (Sylhet district), one gets a figure approaching 30 millions, which is, practically, one half of the whole Mohammadan population of British India (not including the Indian States). The Mohammadan population of Bengal alone is more than the double of that of present-day Turkey. And the Mohammadan population of just one of the districts of Bengal (Mymensingh district) is more than half that of whole Arabia. But however impressive figures may be, the sight of the Bengali countryside is much more impressive.

Many of them also like the idea that there is more true Christian spirit among outstanding Hindus, than among most Christians. There is nothing to say about these likings, if not that they are, to a great extent, a subtle expression of unfortunate India’s deep-rooted inferiority complex. Pure spirituality (realisation of one’s soul), naturally transcends creed, as well as ceremonies. So a realised Hindu will look like a realised Christian. That is true. , scriptures), there are many elements which are a to be found also in Christianity.

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