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Since this was a coerced task, Winston is feeling stressed out and guilty that he couldn’t save his niece. Now he’s really in a mess. He gains one grade of dementia to simulate this. C task conditions 2 The first edition applied bonuses and penalties as changes in effort. They are now changes in difficulty when using conditions. In addition to the specific types of tasks presented in the previous chapter, the director can also apply the effects from the following conditions when resolving tasks.

For example, camouflage in a jungle. While spotting the target may be difficult, it is only marginally more difficult to hit when his location is known. This task receives +1 DIFF. Cover C deferring actions / Characters who act in haste are not only permitted to declare and execute actions before those who do not, but they are also allowed to save their actions and wait in a state of readiness. Once their opponent acts, the character may choose his own course of action, executing it simultaneously.

Vehicle stunts are usually a function of a pilot’s skill, although the vehicle’s abilties may also be a factor. Aiming The character attempts to aim a projectile weapon while steering the vehicle. This does not increase the difficulty, but at least one point of effort from fitness must be spent for this stunt. The collision risk is also present. C vehicle task risks 3 Vehicle risks require the use of Advanced Tasks. All standard risks previously listed may either be applied to the passengers or the vehicle itself.

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