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Listing 3-1. The Interface Dejinition That Will Ee Compiled to a DLL using Systemj namespace General { public interface IMyRemoteObject { void setValue (int newval)j int getValueO j } } The client that is shown in Listing 3-2 provides the means for opening a connection to the server and tries to set and retrieve the instance values of the server-side remote object. NET project for this example. Listing 3-2. MainO: Reference to rem. ReadLine(); } } } The sample client will read and output the server's original value, change it to 42, and then read and output it again.

To allow validation of Customer data, you wi1l extend the ICustomerManager interface to include a validate() method. This method will take a Customer object as a parameter and return another object by value. This returned object contains the status of the validation and explanatory text. As a sample business rule, you will check if the customer has been assigned a first name and last name and is between Oand 120 years old. General Assembly In the General assembly extend the interface ICustomerManager to include the method validateO.

32 Remoting in Action Figure 3-2. Server's output for a SingleCall object This indicates that the server will really create one object for each call (and an additional object during the first call as well). Singleton Objects Only one instance of a Singleton object can exist at any given time. When receiving a client's request, the server checks its internal tab les to see if an instance of this class already exists; if not, this object will be created and stored in the table. After this check the method will be executed.

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