By Hermann T. Schlichting, Erich A. Truckenbrodt (transl. by Heinrich J. Ramm)

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C) Sound source moving at sonic velocity, w = a. (d) Sound source moving at supersonic velocity, w = 2a; the sound waves propagate within the Mach cone of apex semiangle g. where a= daldt is the timewise change of the angle of attack. The nonsteady coefficients are important both for flight mechanics of the aircraft, assumed to be inflexible, and for questions concerning the elastically deformable airplane (aeroelasticity). Forces and moments in supersonic flight During the transition from subsonic to supersonic flight, the aerodynamic behavior of an airplane undergoes a basic change.

C) 6-series profiles. NACA profiles. (a) Four-digit profiles. 30. 5, all skeleton lines undergo a curvature discontinuity at the location of maximum camber height. The mean camber line is represented by two connected parabolic arcs joined without a break at the position of the maximum camber. For the five-digit NACA profiles (see Fig. 2-2b), the profile teardrop shape is equal to that of the four-digit NACA profiles. The relative camber position, however, is considerably smaller. A distinction is made between mean camber lines with and without inflection points.

Its shape is given by Z(s) =- In 2[(l -X) In (1 -X) + X In X] (2-3) A particularly simple analytical expression for a profile thickness distribution, or a skeleton line, is given by the parabola Z = aX(l - X). 4a) Z(s) = 4 h X(1 - X) (24b) C Here, t is the maximum thickness and h is the maximum camber height located at station X = 2 The so-called extended parabolic profile is obtained by multiplication of the above equation with (1 + bX) in the numerator or denominator. According to Glauert [17], such a skeleton line has the form r z(S) = aX(1- X)(l + bX) (2-5) Usually these are profiles with inflection points.

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