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1980),pp. 136-37. 50. Tosefta 'Avodah Zarah 1:19, p. 461; Michael Avi-Yonah, Bi-yemei Roma 4th ed. (Jerusalem,1970),p. 65. The politicaltendenzof thiscommentis underu-Bizantiyon, to R. Yohanan b. Zakkai along withtwo clearlyanti-Zealoticteachscoredby its attribution ingsin 'Avot de-RabbiNatan,ed. Solomon Schechter(Vienna, 1887),VersionB, chapter31,p. 67. 51. Pesiqta Rabbati, ed. M. Friedmann,p. W. G. Braude,2 vols. (New Haven, 1968),1: 56-57. MONARCHIC IMPERATIVE IN RABBINIC PERSPECTIVE 35 "thouhastshedmuchbloodupontheearth,"thesuperfluous phrase"upon theearth"hintsattheanalogywitha gazelleanda hart,ofthekilling ofwhich itis said:"Theuncleanandthecleanmayeat...

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208, line 13;p. 209,line 5. Interestingly, M. Sanhedrin 2:5 derivesthedutyof reverenceof kingsfromthisverse(not,as does Sifre,p. 209 lines 1-4, fromthesecond use of tasimin Deut. Ze'ev (Wilhelm)Bacher,'Aggadotha-tanna'im, 3 vols. (Berlin, 1922),vol. 2, pt. 1,p. 141,n. 13. 22 GERALD J. BLIDSTEIN C asserts thatIsraelis commanded a king, he SinceR. " is,however, ofR. How didtheIsraelites rushmatters? hardto fathom. Contemporaries of thatthemonarchy itself wasnotthesubject Judah (equallyconfident divinedisapproval) causesforGod'sdispleasure.

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