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Miss Sparrow, Mr. and Mrs. Sox. " he shouted, and seconds later the white-suited young man in the cowboy hat appeared. " "Show these good people to their cabins and give them the schedule. Mr. and Mrs. " "You know, you've just reminded me of someone, Mr. Armbruster. " Ed squinted in the dim light at Keb's face. " "Uh, Keb. " "I'm quite sure we've never met before, Mr. Sox. I never forget a name or a face. " 14/ Hot Coffee IT WAS A GOOD THING August went to the store when Kay escorted Joseph Harbin into the solarium because August might have experienced something like jealousy at the way Kay porpoised through Harbin's creamy oatmeal lusts.

The Countess asked Dudee Sparrow at Avery's welcome home party. "It's supposed to be especially wonderful this year now that he's home again. " Dudee reached up and fingered her small gold AKA pin where it clung to the meager strapping of her dress. Everyone at the party belonged to the AKA Club, whose members were known as Akaians. The clubs had spread all over the world in the ten years since Avery's blastoff for intergalactic space. The club was a quasi-religion. The Akaians believed in bagelshaped spaceships and what they called The Blue Light.

She drew three deep breaths and came back in. The steambath was empty. "Oh, fuck," she repeated. "August. " She got no answer. Kay stared at the empty marble half-oyster shell of the tub where only a few moments ago, though it seemed a lifetime or two, she and August had hatcheted and stabbed and shot her husband, detestable Avery, to a well-deserved death. He was dead, dead, dead, no doubt about that. 38 into Avery, who had groaned and screamed and gurgled in a blood-curdling way, just as he should have.

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