By Gerald J. Schueler

This can be a sequel to Enochian Magic: a pragmatic Manual.  In this booklet, Schueler presents every thing for the intense practitioner of the Enochian system-a procedure that's entire in itself, and but simply with regards to different platforms of Qabalistic or Shamanistic magick. it truly is an awesome booklet for starting, intermediate or complicated scholars of magick and an essential source and guidebook for occult Orders and motels.

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The practice of Enochian Magick will demonstrate the truth of this theorem. The deities and demons encountered in the Watchtowers and Aethyrs will appear to be independent, of you, the magician. However, in the same way that dream images appear autonomous but are actually dependent, so are the deities of Enochian Magick. It is only after you become conscious of these esoteric correspondences that you can hope to control the Watchtower deities. There is a mystical relationship between the subjective self of the magician and the objective world in which the magician finds himself/herself at any point in time and space.

Enochian is not a jargon; it has a grammar and syntax of its own. " Aleister Crowley, Confessions "The Enochian language is not just a haphazard combination and compilation of divine and angelic names drawn from the Tablets. " Israel Regardie, The Enochian Language The Enochian alphabet was given to the public by Sir John Dee and Edward Kelly and enhanced later by the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. When letters are combined to forro magical Words of Power, the individual letter meanings combine to indicate the overall formula of the word or narre.

The Demon XKZ (Tzkeh-zod) is also in this square. As another example, look at Figure 12, Appendix B. You should see that the square T of STIM (reference Figure 6, Appendix A, foz letters) is governed by the Ruling Lesser Angel ATIMS (Ah-tee-meh-seh) and the Lesser Angel TIMS (Teemeh-seh). The Demon ATI (Ah-tee) is also in this square which is presided over by the Kerubic Angel AOMI (Ah-oh-mee) and the Archangel NAOMI (Nah-ohmee). The appropriate hierarchy of deities must be addressed during all magical operations in the Watchtower squares.

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