By Rudolf Steiner

This contemporary translation of a masterwork of esotericism areas humankind on the very middle of the massive, invisible strategies of cosmic evolution. after we use the time period usual technological know-how do not we suggest that we're facing wisdom of nature?

Esoteric technology is the technological know-how of what occurs esoterically, within the feel that it really is perceived now not outdoor in nature yet the place one's soul turns whilst it directs its internal being towards the spirit. Esoteric technology is the other and counterpart of common technological know-how. —Rudolf Steiner

As very important and appropriate as while it used to be first released in 1910, this masterpiece of esoteric, Rudolf Steiner labored and remodeled on rosicrucian cosmology for a few years to make it more and more designated and actual. This paintings is still the simplest presentation to this point of a non secular substitute to modern materialist cosmologies and the Darwinian view of human nature and evolution.

In this uncomplicated paintings of religious technology, readers find out how the production and evolution of humanity is embedded on the middle of the sizeable, invisible internet of interacting cosmic beings, via whom the alchemical strategies of cosmic evolution spread. There also are descriptions of a number of the our bodies of the individual, their courting to sleep and demise, and a close, functional consultant to the tools or routines, together with the Rose go Meditation,'' during which such initiation wisdom might be attained.

Most extraordinary and innovative of all, probably, is the vital functionality that Rudolf Steiner allots to the Christ and to the doorway of Christ into earthly evolution in the course of the secret of Golgotha.

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This way of looking at the human being is based on recognizing the “revealed mystery” in our human makeup. Of all the elements supersensible knowledge includes in this, the physical body is the only one that is accessible to our senses and our sense-based intellect. To clarify this concept of the physical body, we must turn our attention first to a great riddle that envelops all of our observations of life: the phenomenon of death and, connected with it, socalled inorganic nature, the mineral kingdom, in which death is always inherent.

Plants exist in a continuous state of sleep. If we do not judge these things accurately, it is easy to fall into the error of crediting plants with a consciousness similar to what animals and humans have in the waking state. This error is only possible if we form an inexact concept of consciousness. When an external stimulus is applied to a plant, it makes certain movements just as an animal would do; we can say that plants whose leaves curl up under certain external stimuli are “sensitive” to these stimuli.

This is the soul’s “hidden shrine,” and only a being that is of the same nature as the soul can gain entrance there. The God who dwells within the human being begins to speak when the soul recognizes itself as an I. Just as the sentient and mind souls dwell in the outer world, a third soul element immerses itself in the divine when the soul achieves perception of its own being. It is easy to misunderstand this view as a declaration that the I and God are one and the same. However, it does not state that the I is God, but only that it is of the same character and essence as the divine.

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