By Oisín McGann

Nate Wildenstern's brother has been killed, and the finger is pointed at him…

After approximately years, eighteen-year-old Nate returns domestic to the relations empire governed by way of his father—the ruthless Wildenstern Patriarch. yet Nate's lifestyles is quickly shattered by means of his brother's loss of life, and the principles of Ascension, permitting the assassination of 1 male relative through one other, potential he's being blamed. He is familiar with that he's no longer the assassin, yet who is?

With assistance from his problematical sister-in-law, Daisy, and his cousin Gerald, he capability to determine. but if the sufferers of the family's tyrannical regime decide upon the funeral to hunt their revenge, they by chance discover the our bodies of a few old Wildenstern ancestors, one among whom bears a Patriarch's ring. The lives of Nate and his kinfolk are approximately to take an odd and scary turn…

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