By Gerald Massey

This can be half 2 of the Gerald Masseys paintings in regards to the comparisons among the Judeo-Christian faith and the Egyptian faith. not anyone ever understood the mythology and formality of historic Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This e-book is without doubt one of the better of its type and essential for each scholar of Egyptian mythology and heritage.

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But Sut-Anup, as a ruler at the pole, was an indefinitely earlier god who raised the bulwark to keep out the deluge. In later ages, when Anup had become the son of Ra, one name for his dwelling-place upon the mountain, that was on the solar mount of glory, is called Ut, the “Town of the Embankment,” which is equivalent to the pile of earth that was heaped up by the mythical mound-builders in seven mounds that formed the bulwarks or embankments at the seven stations of the pole in the circuit of precession.

A seventh of the ecliptic, not merely a third part, was assigned to one or other of the polestar gods who became the seven lords of eternity. This will explain how the ram could be the special constellation of the god who was at the same time the ruler of the north polestar. So, in the celestial drama portrayed in the book of Revelation, the fall of the dragon, or, astronomically, the change of pole-star, when a-Draconis was superseded, is followed by the exaltation of the lamb upon the solar mount of glory.

Thus numerically the ark is identified as one with the arc by the fourteen measures below and fourteen above, and the ark of the moon was the ark of Osiris in the lunar mythos. As the lunar circle was divided in four quarters, and these four were each subdivided into seven, that may explain the statement of the builder, who says he divided the interior seven times and in a later version its passages or parts seven times (later version by Professors Haupt and Sayce). This ark of abode is admittedly built “in a circuit” (col.

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