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Utilized Magic is a variety of writings at the sensible purposes of magical and occult ideas. facets of Occultism covers specifics of the Western secret culture.

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MacGregor Mathers, into whose hands came a number of cipher MSS, and who had the occult knowledge necessary for their use He claimed to have got into touch with the sources whence these MSS emanated, and there is a certain amount of objective evidence in support of this claim; but the whole subject is wrapped in mystery by the extreme secrecy he observed, and by the drastic initiation oaths demanded of all to whom he taught what he had learnt; and even to these he was extremely uncommunicative on many vital points.

Next, what is the logical outcome? Higher, more developed modes of nature forces. There is a very curious occult doctrine, that these beings, becoming more and more developed and coming more to resemble the types of consciousness with which we are familiar, become conscious that they are lost souls unless they can develop a spiritual nature They seek as initiators those who have got a spiritual nature; the initiated man is the initiator of the Elemental being: Humans take them as pupils and help them to develop their 'sparks' of individual consciousness.

Whenever any movement takes place an electric current is set up, and if the series of co-ordinated movements is repeated many times, these currents tend to make adjustments among themselves and become co-ordinated on their own account, quite independently of the physical forms whose activities gave rise to them. It is out of these co-ordinators that the Elementals are evolved. We cannot go more deeply into this most interesting and intricate subject in the present pages. It is a matter for a separate study.

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