By Isaac Asimov

Asimov tells the tales at the back of the technology: the lads and girls who made the $64000 discoveries and the way they did it. starting from Galilei, Achimedes, Newton and Einstein, he's taking the main advanced recommendations and explains it in this type of method first-time reader at the topic feels convinced on his/her figuring out.

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The method of parallax passed beyond the moon in 1673, when the Italian born French astronomer Jean Dominique Cassini determined the parallax of Mars. He determined the position of Mars against the stars while, on the same evenings, the French astronomer Jean Richer, in French Guiana, was making the same observation. Combining the two, Cassini obtained his parallax and calculated the scale of the solar system. He arrived at a figure of 86 million miles for the distance of the sun from the earth—a figure only 7 percent less than the actual one.

The wind, the rain, the ocean currents bring them what is needful, and from it they take what they can. If the chance of events is such as to bring them fire, poison, predators, or parasites, they die as stoically and as undemonstratively as they lived . Early in the scheme of life, however, independent motion was developed by some organisms. It meant a tremendous advance in their control of the environment. A moving organism no longer had to wait in stolid rigidity for food to come its way, but went out after it.

The victory of modern science did not become complete until it established one more essential principle—namely, free and cooperative communication among all scientists. Although this necessity seems obvious now, it was not obvious to the philosophers of ancient and medieval times. The Pythagoreans of ancient Greece were a secret society who kept their mathematical discover ies to themselves. The alchemists of the Middle Ages deliberately obscured their writings to keep their so-called findings within as small an inner circle as possible.

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