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Business first,” said Mario, knowingly. “I am calling a meeting of the Council of the Brotherhood here tonight. ” asked Claudia intently. ” Ezio’s grey eyes hardened. “I will explain everything at the meeting this evening,” he told her. “Very well,” replied Claudia, but her own eyes were troubled as she took her leave. “And please give my greetings to the countess when she returns,” Ezio called after her. “I will see her, and Mother, this evening. ” Once they were alone, Mario’s tone became serious.

We need those cannon ready to be fired, and we need them ready now,” he said. ” The man scrambled to his feet. ” He leaned on Ezio as he got his breath back. “You don’t know what it’s like—some of these soldiers, they got no respect for artillery. Newfangled stuff for a lot of ’em, of course, grant you that—but I ask you! They expect a gun to work like magic, just like that! ” said Ezio. ” “Mind you,” the master-armorer continued, “these things we’ve got here, and I mean they’re in a class of their own—nothing but the best for Captain Mario—but they’re still pretty simple.

He paused, scanning the assembled company with eagle eyes. “Our spies in Rome report that Rodrigo is indeed a reduced threat. He is at least somewhat broken in spirit. There is a saying that it is less dangerous to do battle with a lion’s whelp than with an old, dying lion; but in the case of the Borgia the position is quite otherwise. Rodrigo’s son, Cesare, is the man we must match ourselves against now. ” Mario roared. “He would and he could,” snapped Machiavelli. “He is evil through and through, and as dedicated a Templar as his father the Pope ever was, but he is also a fine though utterly ruthless soldier.

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