By Osborne Phillips

Come discover the astral realm. Meet spirit helpers and courses, achieve perception on prior occasions or attainable futures, and adventure freedom and event you've got merely dreamed approximately. Astral Projection undeniable & easy teaches you the way to undertaking simply, evidently, and competently. this entire advisor is complete in scope, with step by step directions for either uncomplicated and complex recommendations. you will discover many ways to profit, create, and easily rejoice at the astral airplane, together with easy methods to: —Perform astral therapeutic recommendations —Develop your psychic strength —Create an astral "watcher" to assemble info —Increase your inventive and problem-solving talents —Experience astral love and intercourse —Encounter liked pets who've crossed over —Travel via time to discover earlier eras and locations —Meet elementals—the "native population" of the astral realm

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Chapter 6 46 3. Form the astral ball, as described above in Forming the sphere of light. 4. Speak the words of your message softly to it, several times. 5. Close your hands over the ball with the fingertips and thumbs of the two hands touching. 6. Raise your joined hands - your hands enclosing the astral ball will at this point make the shape of a pointed bud - and, keeping the thumbs together, part the little fingers so as to open the hands away from you. 7. Blow gently upon the ball. 8. Now form a clear idea of the person for whom the message is intended - and send the ball forth.

The charge may have been used up, or it may not. Although you have brought all the elements out of yourself, they might disorganize you somewhat if they returned into your system in too great a concentration. At any event, it's good to do things properly! The astral ball out-of-the-body Earlier we mentioned that the ball remains connected by its astral thread to your astral body. An interesting conclusion can be drawn from this, and is, in fact, perfectly true. When you are out of your body, traveling in a body of your astral substance, you will still be able to formulate and send these astral balls, just as in earth-life.

At the level of your instincts and emotions, the experiences of the Watcher have become your experiences with your reabsorption of the figure or sphere, and they are now going to rise from your unconscious to your conscious mind where they will be subject to interpretation by you. Remember, the Watcher is composed of astral substance, and it functions without the presence of your guiding consciousness; it can of itself neither reason nor make deductions. Experiencing the flow A more advanced method of receiving information from the Watcher can be utilized after you have gained familiarity with the primary technique of creating the figure or sphere, sending it forth, and interpreting impressions after its recall and reabsorption.

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