By Jackie Cassada, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm Sheppard

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Some of the people with the mark weren’t much different from you. They wanted to do the same things to me that you did, but you taught me, the first time, how to get away from my body. Only difference is now, when I come back from the Other Place I bring the fire with me and I burn them. I’ll burn them all until you’re the only one left, Dad. And then I’ll really hurt you. — Angelo Baldacci’s blog Whether Banishers suffer a psychic disease, choose their hatred or are the heirs of an ancient tradition does not change the basic characteristics of Banishers.

You’ve been handed enough rope to hang yourselves, and instead of saying, ‘Wow, this is rope, maybe we shouldn’t put it around our necks,’ you’re all just arguing over the best tree to use. I’m sorry I didn’t see it before I went through your super-secret initiation into your super-secret club, with your stupid superhero nicknames and everything, but I am fucking off right now. Don’t worry. You’ll probably see me again. S. You’ll notice I used my real name. ” — Letter discovered by the Guardian Angels cabal in Cincinnati, Ohio, after the disappearance of a new recruit Some people just can’t cope with life as a mage.

The classic Banisher from the Path is a religious crusader out to burn anything or anyone who challenges his worldview. Obrimos aren’t more common among Banishers than other Paths, but the Obrimos worldview can be a powerful friend or foe. The Aether is a place of intense, glorious vistas and sublime intelligences that respond to faith and precise mystic formulae. Banishers who accept these visions believe that God never meant for mere mortals to summon His fire or that the secret names of thunder must wait for plodding, Fallen science to reveal them.

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