By Phillip Cooper

The simplest technique to speak along with your unconscious is through magically charged symbols, or sigils. Cooper exhibits you ways to create sigils and use easy rituals to cost them with strength. He additionally teaches you the significance of utilizing colour and the seven planetary energies to reinforce the ability of your sigils. Illustrated. With bibliography & index.

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44 EB Basic Sigil Magic ' I = , - P = Completed sigil = I I I Figure 4. Constructing sigils. ,. Creating Sigils E9 45 Figure 5. A decorated sigil. Having established what you want, write down this de­ sire in capital letters as one simple statement. 6 Then use the first letter of each word, removing any letters that are repeated. Thus, the example given becomes: I D A N P. Experiment with the letter forms that remain, overlaying one on top of another until you arrive at the sigil. This will be a shape with which you are aesthetically happy, one that con­ tains within itself all the first letters from your original state­ ment of desire, as in the example shown in figure 4 (page 44).

4. The high-point of the ritual-performing the main magical work. 5. Returning to everyday matters. If you are using a ritual to influence your subconscious mind, you must do it in an effective way. As part of this process, gradually build up in your mind symbolism that your sub­ conscious understands. " The basic idea may be correct, but the approach is unworkable because your subconscious does not understand words, whether English, Greek, Hebrew, Enochian, or Latin. No, you have to find a better way.

The relationship between you and the candle has changed subtly-your association with it has altered. No longer is it a plain candle. It is a symbolic light. On the surface, nothing has changed. There is, however, a change within your mind and, as you now know, magick is the science of using your mind. If this were an ordinary candle, you would simply light it without a second thought. With a symbolic candle, the approach is bound to be different, owing to a change in your attitude. In this example, the candle repre­ sents your inner power, so deal with it in this context.

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