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27 Op. , No. 252. III PHYSICAL T H E O R I E S OF T H E T W E N T I E T H C E N T U R Y A N D SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY is the significance of present-day physical theories for the general theory of knowledge? " On what grounds many philosophers give this answer, I cannot and do not wish to investigate here. How does it happen, however, — and this question will serve as our starting point —that so many physicists assert that the greatest revolutions in the theories of physics are incapable of changing the principles of the general theory of knowledge?

21 In reality, however, only that part of enlightenment was refuted which was not enlightenment. Nevertheless, because of the weight of authority of those involved, this disparagement of the great achievements of the eighteenth century has had considerable influence. There is perhaps no one among us who did not acquire a prejudice against enlightenment at school during his youth. , were imitated by many shallow writers who diluted their criticism more and more and descended to intolerable banality, ending up by continuing themselves the misuse of the auxiliary concepts.

Planck, Die Einheit des physikalischen Weltbildes (Leipzig, 1909). 2 E. Study, Die realistische Weltansicht und die Lehre vom Räume (Brunswick, 1914). o BETWEEN PHYSICS AND PHILOSOPHY nomical means of expression for summarizing these connections. " T h e aim of natural science," says Mach, "is to obtain connections among phenomena. " 3 This phenomenalistic conception, as it is called, was already familiar to Goethe. In his posthumous "Maxims and Reflections" he says: " H y potheses are the scaffolds which are erected in front of a building and removed when the building is completed.

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