By Naveeda Khan

Through the essays during this quantity, we see how the failure of the nation turns into a second to ruminate at the artificiality of this most up-to-date build, the failure of nationalism, a chance to dream of other modes of organization, and the failure of sovereignty to contemplate the threats and probabilities of the world of foreignness in the geographical region as in the self.

The ambition of this quantity is not just to complicate status representations of Pakistan. it truly is take Pakistan out of the prestige of exceptionalism that its a number of crises have endowed upon it. by means of now, many students have written of the way exile, migrancy, refugeedom, and different modes of displacement represent sleek subjectivities. The arguments made within the ebook say that Pakistan isn't any stranger to this situation of human immigrancy and hence, might be pressed into provider in supporting us to appreciate our current condition.

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The orthodox solution — shared by critics of many different political persuasions — has been to argue that Faiz merely turns a ‘traditional’ poetic vocabulary to radical political ends, that we should read the figure of the distant beloved, for instance, as a figuring of the hoped-for revolution (Kiernan 1971: 40; Ali 1995: xiv). I suggest a somewhat different direction here, and argue that first, the political element in Faiz’s work cannot be read without the mediation of the social. Faiz’s exploration of the affects of separation and union with the beloved makes possible an examination of the subject, the ‘I’, of Urdu writing.

Entropy, in her case, results in the dispersal of the original momentum behind building mosques as people descend to fighting each other. While such entropy is to be expected, the essay draws on Henri Bergson (1998) to suggest that life requires the conservation of energy to take a milieu forward. There is a sense in which small acts of consideration towards others in the midst of conflicts shows this milieu to be banking energy for a different future. In the discussion of the essays in this collection thus far, I hope to have shown how crisis, devolved into its various evaluations as failed state/artificiality of the state, failed nationalism/difficulties of committing to a single vision, compromised sovereignty and security/foreignness within, is lived and prevailed over at various times and different settings within Pakistan.

Mufti’s essay, ‘A Lyric History of India’, speaks of the Urdu progressive poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz who hailed from Sialkot and resided in Lahore, Punjab. Lahore was granted to Pakistan during partition. That was how Faiz came to be in Pakistan after 1947. Thus, by the sleight of hand of states, Mufti claims, Faiz found himself an exile in his own hometown from his beloved India. Faiz gave most poignant expression to the artifice and artificiality of states by setting himself up in the role of an outsider to the state in which he found himself marooned.

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