By David McKnight

Maps the demise of politics in response to the conventional competition among Left and correct, and gives a provocative argument for the emergence of a brand new values-based politics in Australia.

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The culture of neo-liberalism The New Capitalism has spawned massive and growing industries based on advertising and marketing. Their activities are by no means limited to the mass media, but affect the texture and quality of our daily lives—in our workplaces, homes, schools, sports, universities, museums and galleries. Advertising in the mass media has traditionally been confined to certain limits: the number of minutes per hour, restrictions on content in children’s viewing hours, and the strict and clear distinction between advertising and non-advertising content.

W. Taylor has been impinging on the industrial family. Parents are subjecting their family time to imagined time-and-motion studies in order to get maximum efficiency. To achieve maximum efficiency in the family, Hochschild found parents responded in different ways. Some developed an ‘emotional asceticism’—in effect minimising how much care their child or partner really needed. ‘They made do with less time, less attention, less fun, less relaxation, less understanding and less support at home than they imagined possible.

They try to ‘free ride’: Externalized costs don’t go away—they are simply ignored by those who benefit from making the decisions that result in others incurring the costs. For example when a forest products corporation obtains rights to clear-cut Forest Service land at giveaway prices and leaves behind a devastated habitat, the company reaps the immediate profit and the society bears the long term costs. 45 Many similar situations exist when corporations thrive on pollution. But this goes way beyond, say, the illegal midnight dumping of toxic wastes in sewers and such like.

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