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33 2 #7102 Bible Stories From A to Z F Name F Is for Fish Color the 5 loaves of bread that are the same. Color the 2 fish that are the same. Trace and write. fish #7102 Bible Stories From A to Z 34 ©Teacher Created Materials, Inc. F Name Fish Puzzles Word Cards Color the fish. Cut them out. Cut each fish on the dashed lines. Store the fish in an envelope. Use the fish puzzles to practice reading words. Use the words to help you retell the story of the miracle of the loaves and fish. five Jesus feed thousand boy people miracle fish loaves ate ©Teacher Created Materials, Inc.

He had no food. He was hungry. He found a job feeding pigs for another man. The son was so hungry that he wanted to eat the pig’s food. The son began to realize how wrong he had been. He knew he had sinned against God and his father. So he decided to walk home and ask his father to forgive him. The son thought maybe he could at least work as a hired hand for his father. Then he would have food to eat. The son began walking home. When he was still a great distance off, the father saw his son coming along the road.

They kicked him out of the synagogue. Jesus heard about this. He went to the man and asked him, “. . ’” (John 9:35) He replied, “Who is he? ” Jesus said, “You have seen Him. ” And he worshipped Jesus. Questions for Discussion • What did Jesus do to heal the blind man? • Did the blind man believe that Jesus was the Son of God? • Why were the Pharisees mad at Jesus? • What other miracles of healing did Jesus do? ©Teacher Created Materials, Inc. 41 #7102 Bible Stories From A to Z Teacher Resource H Healings of Jesus Arts and Crafts “Jesus, the Healer” Poster Materials: 12" x 18" (30 cm x 46 cm) sheet of colored construction paper, Jesus pattern on page 43, crayons or markers, bandages Directions 1.

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