By James L. Overholt, Jackie White-Holtz, Sydney S. Dickson

This functional consultant to math similar schooling for little ones is a fact established textual content that gives a big variety of actions and investigations for childrens. actions are effortless to appreciate and use low-cost and available fabrics. Multilevel actions supply more and more complicated talents for preschool via 3rd grade and feature been designed to advertise mathematical reasoning, conversation and challenge fixing abilities that could excite younger rookies approximately math.

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This activity serves as a basis for helping to understand multiplication and division. Page 13 Calendar Game Why Do It? To practice counting up to 6 To develop number recognition To practice addition and subtraction Here's How! 1. Get a page from an old calendar and a marker such as a bean or a small stone for each player and a die marked 1 through 6. (See Appendix A for instructions on how to make or modify dice). 2. Each player starts before the number 1 and takes a turn rolling the die to determine how many spaces he gets to move on the calendar page.

3. When an item is finished have the learner count the cereal pieces by 10s and 1s. For example, a necklace might contain 53 cereal pieces and should be counted as 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 51, 52, and 53. 4. Longer strings, such as those representing the height of a tall learner, will require counting to 100 and more. Page 35 Fraction Play Dough Why Do It? To practice hands-on experiences with basic fraction concepts Here's How! 1. Help the learner make play dough (Use this Easy Play Dough recipe or see Appendix A for a Cooked Play Dough recipe).

4. If, however, the player has a card of the same value he may play that card and initiate a change in direction. For example, if a more card has been called for, but a player places a matching number card (such as an 8 on an 8) this forces a change in direction such that subsequent cards played must be less. 5. The first person to play all of his cards is the winner. Page 33 Cereal Count Why Do It? To gather, count, and illustrate data To develop place value understandings for tens and ones Here's How!

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