Y / Zm - Rm / P - Q In (38), each Zi and Ri is a string of symbols, so that (38) is itself interpretable by the convention that gives (30) as an abbreviation for (33).

There is, for the moment, little useful data on more complex -- -- 21 -- -- 8 1 24 General survey constructions. Such observations as have been made suggest that the problem of �xtending this description to a wider class of cases may be nontrivial. " It is not at all clear what features of syntactic structure determine this difference. Another class of phenomena not accounted for are those involving obligatory contrastive stress (sometimes stress shift) as determined by syntactic parallelism, as in such sentences as he wanted to study electrical rather than civil engineering, or instead of encouraging the teacher to make the work interest­ ing, the school administrators actually discourage her.

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