By Charles T. Tart

Addressing the cut up among practitioners of technological know-how and people of spirituality, Charles Tart provides the issues of famous researchers and authors comparable to William Roll, Ramakrishna Rao, Michael Grosso, and Jeffrey Mishlove on such matters as God, existence after dying, channeling, and different dimensions. A ground-breaking paintings that could shock many readers.

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Their physical expression lives under the ground and interacts in the underground bases with human and human-reptile crossbreed scientists and military leaders. They also emerge to engage in some human abductions. But the main control comes by outright possession. The crossbreeding programme (via sex and test tube) is described in the Sumerian Tablets and the Old Testament (the Sons of God who interbred with the daughters of men). These hybrid human-reptile lines carry the reptilian genetic code and thus can be far more easily possessed by the reptilians of the lower fourth dimension.

Moloch is an ancient deity to which children were sacrificed thousands of years ago and still are today in the vast Satanic ritual network. They are sacrificed to the reptilians in other words because, as will become clear, many ‘demons’of Satanism are the reptilians who have sought to take over the planet for thousands of years. 13 But there are still sightings of giant ‘flying lizards’ in remote areas of the world, especially in Mexico, New Mexico and Arizona. Who are they and where do they come from?

There is an unmistakable resemblance between some dinosaurs and ancient depictions of dragons. Several species of small Indo-Malayan lizards with webbed wings look so much like dragons that they have been given the name Draco after the star constellation from which the reptilian hierarchy are said to originate. Of even more interest to me is the armoured lizard called Moloch Horridus which also has a dragon-like appearance. Moloch is an ancient deity to which children were sacrificed thousands of years ago and still are today in the vast Satanic ritual network.

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