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Die ganzheitliche Produktsicht, die Kenntnis der Komponenten und Produktsysteme, ist für erfolgreiche Ingenieure, Kaufleute, advertising and marketing- und Umweltexperten die Voraussetzung für nachhaltige Antworten (technisch, wirtschaftlich, ökologisch, sozial) auf komplexe Fragestellungen. Zeitgleich mit dem ''Domininghaus'' - Kunststoffe – Eigenschaften und Anwendungen – erscheint daher dieses Buch mit dem Fachwissen über Technologien im Polymer Engineering, entstanden aus dem ersten Kapitel der 6.

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Mark Weiser, one of the first visionaries of pervasive computing [02] said in 1991 that we are heading to a “state where computing devices are so pervasive and critical to our activities that they are taken for granted and effectively disappear into the background”. This statement describes the notion of 2. Background of Data Distribution This paper provides information about the use of any PIE-device by the user to work on any user related data. Dr. Tanenbaum wrote in his book “Distributed Operating Systems” in 1995 [04] the design of a world-wide fully transparent distributed file system for simultaneous use by millions of mobile and frequently disconnected users is left as an exercise for the reader.

File Types = doc; xls; ppt; txt -- A PIE-user can setup preferences as per the device’s context, such as school’s or home’s and/or office’s device of the data files to be appended to the master data repository at the central node defined by the PIE-user. As well as these types of the files will only be downloaded on this typical device for it’s recharging. Every PIE-device contains a data index list of the user for the data traceability needs containing last update location, file name, extension and the timestamp.

For instance, in response to a data breach that occurred with Google Docs, The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate Google’s privacy and security measures for Gmail and Google Apps [52]. Likewise, the Constitution Project, concerned that a user’s personal information has weaker privacy protections in the cloud than when contained on a single device, has called for the cloud computing industry to set privacy standards and for the Congress to examine the privacy issues as well [53].

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