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Even a small sting from the jellyfish called sea wasps can cause death within a few minutes. It’s best just to look at jellyfish from a distance and not get too close. LEARN MORE! READ THESE ARTICLES… CORAL • DEEP-SEA LIFE • OCTOPUSES Jellyfish sometimes sting swimmers who accidentally brush up against them in the water. Even dead jellyfish that have washed up on the beach can be dangerous and should not be touched. Answer: The most obvious thing that jellyfish and fish share is their ocean home.

Fill in the blank: You wouldn’t think it, but there are many kinds of living The deepest things to be found in the abyss. For a very long time, people part of the ocean believed that nothing could live down there because there is called the isn’t any light. But scientists who investigated the deep sea _______ zone. found plenty of life! Many forms of life were discovered near cracks on the ocean floor. ” The huge cracks, or fissures, are between two of the plates that make up the Earth’s crust.

Because of the hippo’s great size, its only enemies are lions and humans. LEARN MORE! READ THESE ARTICLES… ALLIGATORS AND CROCODILES • BUFFALO • WALRUSES 52 © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. RCH LI T GH SE A HIPPOPOTAMUSES Find and correct the error in the following sentence: When a hippo goes underwater, it constantly blows water out of its nostrils. e water U O Y ID D rn in os are bo A hippopotamus stands along the shore of Lake Manyara in Tanzania. Baby hipp they im before w s n a c d an can walk.

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