By Gordon Hogenson (auth.)

C++/CLI: The visible C++ Language for .NET introduces Microsoft's extensions to the C++ syntax that let you aim the typical language runtime the most important to the guts of the .NET 3.0 platform. In 12 no-fluff chapters, Microsoft insider Gordon Hogenson takes you into the center of the C++/CLI language and explains either how the language components paintings and the way Microsoft intends them for use. Compilable code samples illustrate the syntax as easily as attainable, and extra difficult code samples exhibit how the hot syntax may perhaps regularly be used.

The ebook is a beginner's advisor, however it assumes a familiarity with programming fundamentals. And it concentrates on explaining the facets of C++/CLI that make it the main strong and enjoyable language at the .NET Framework 3.0. As such, this e-book is perfect if you are taking into consideration migrating to C++/CLI from one other language. through the tip of this e-book, you will have an intensive grounding within the middle language parts including the boldness to discover extra that comes from an effective realizing of a languages syntax and grammar.

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Nullptr is the C++/CLI way to refer to an unassigned handle. DecayProcess = nullptr; IsStable = true; } // Declare the delegate property. We'll call this when // an atom decays. property DecayProcessFunc^ DecayProcess; }; // ref class RadioactiveAtom CHAPTER 2 ■ A QUICK TOUR OF THE C++/CLI LANGUAGE FEATURES void SimulateDecay(int a, int n, double halflife, int step, int max_time, int num_atoms, int seed) { array^ atoms = gcnew array(num_atoms); // Initialize the array.

We cannot use a for each statement here because the for each // statement is not allowed to modify the atoms array. for (int i = 0; i < num_atoms; i++) { atoms[i] = gcnew RadioactiveAtom(a, n, false, halflife); // Create the delegate. atom->IsStable) && atom->Lambda * step > rand->NextDouble()) { // Invoke the delegate. atom->DecayProcess->Invoke(); } } } } int main() { // Carbon-14. Atomic Number: 6 Isotope Number 14 // Half-Life 5730 years // Number of atoms 10000 // Maximum time 10000 // Random number seed 7757 SimulateDecay(6, 14, 5730, 1, 10000, 10000, 7757); } The delegate code consists of a delegate declaration, indicating what arguments and return types the delegated functions may have.

However, a two-dimensional array would be a huge waste of space, since most of the cells would never be used. You might try implementing an isotope table as a sparse array—a data structure that can be used like an array but is a hashtable underneath so as to avoid storing space for unused elements. The implementation of such a collection type would probably be a template in classic C++. In C++/CLI, it could be a template or it could be another type of parameterized type, a generic type, which the next section describes.

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