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Htm - Project 1 Programming with Visual C++ In this lesson, you learned about the fundamentals of the Visual C++ compiler and how to enter and edit programs using Visual C++'s workbench. You saw the following: ● Introduction to programming concepts ● How C++ compares to other languages ● Starting Visual C++ ● Using Visual C++'s menus ● How to enter and edit Visual C++ programs ● How to compile Visual C++ programs ● Stopping Visual C++ This project reviews entering and editing a Visual C++ program using the workbench.

Finding a problem. Visual C++ found an error with the program, and until you fix the error, Visual C++ will not be able to run it. When it finds an error, Visual C++ notes where it found the error. When you double-click the actual error message or press the F4 key, it tries to highlight the offending line. In this case, it almost did so (it highlighted the line below the actual problem). The statement beginning with cout does not have a semicolon at the end of it as Visual C++ requires. You can fix the error by moving the cursor to the end of the line and typing a semicolon.

There is no What's the Output? section here due to this unit's conceptual nature. htm Find the Bug 15. 4 contains an image of the workbench screen with an error showing. What kind of bug did the workbench find, a syntax error or a logic error? 4. An error just occurred. Extra Credit 16. Just for practice, type the following program in the workbench and compile it. There will be an error, but the error will not show up until you run the program. Even though main() is incorrectly spelled as mane() on the sixth line, your compiler cannot catch all syntax errors, only many of them.

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