By György Spiró

A literary sensation in Hungary, György Spiró’s Captivity is either a hugely refined old novel and a gripping page-turner. Set within the tumultuous first century A.D., among the yr of Christ’s dying and the outbreak of the Jewish warfare, Captivity recounts the adventures of the feeble-bodied, bookish Uri, a tender Roman Jew.

Frustrated along with his hapless son, Uri’s father sends the younger guy to the Holy Land to regain the family’s status. In Jerusalem, Uri is imprisoned by means of Herod and meets thieves and (perhaps) Jesus prior to their crucifixion. Later, in cosmopolitan Alexandria, he undergoes a scholarly and sexual awakening—but should also break out a pogrom. Returning to Rome ultimately, he reveals a completely unforeseen inheritance.

Equal components Homeric epic, brilliantly researched Jewish historical past, and picaresque experience, Captivity is a dramatic story of kinfolk, destiny, and fortitude. In its weak-yet-valiant hero, fanatics might be reminded of Robert Graves’ classics of old Rome, I, Claudius and Claudius the God.

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With the approach of that festival the time had come for Orisian to go home to Kolglas, to the castle in the waves. A flight of geese passed over, honking to one another as they tracked the valley seaward, preceding Orisian on his way. His gaze followed them for a while. He had come to this high place for a last look at the broad vista, with the valley his uncle ruled stretching out beyond his eye's reach. Kolglas had more limited horizons, in more ways than one. The sound of footsteps drew his attention back.

It had never crossed Lekan's mind, as he set out the day before in search of forest meat for his family's Winterbirth celebration, that anything more dangerous than boar or bear could be awaiting him. There had been no Kyrinin in the lands around Kolglas since before his father's days, and though it was common knowledge that the White Owls were raiding in strength through the woods of Anlane further to the east, there had been no strife here save a few horses stolen from hamlets near Drinan. He had been standing beneath a great ash tree, unbreathing and still as he searched for sign of the deer he had tracked through half a mile of thickets and groves.

There could be no pause. Any who fell were seized by those who came behind, hauled upright with shouts of encouragement, as if noise alone could put strength back into their legs. If they could not rise, they were left. There were already dozens of buzzards and ravens drifting lazily above the column. Some had followed it all the way up the Glas valley from the south; others were residents of the mountains, drawn from their lofty perches by the promise of carrion. A few of those fleeing through the Stone Vale had been wealthy - merchants and landowners from Kan Avor or Glasbridge.

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