By David Vigorito

Chess advancements is a new sequence delivering state of the art insurance of chess openings. Chess advancements specializes in serious traces, present traits, strong new principles and state-of-the-art conception. It deals avid gamers of all degrees the chance to extend their establishing wisdom and knowing, and to extend and increase their beginning repertoires. The Sicilian Dragon is definitely probably the most well known and eagerly mentioned chess openings. the most strains usually bring about tremendous complex positions during which either side assault freely, one slip might be deadly, and a deep wisdom of the outlet thought and nuances may perhaps turn out to be a decisive virtue. during this booklet, David Vigorito examines crucial and instructive Sicilian Dragon video games in recent times. Vigorito is recognized for his establishing services, and his paintings is usually jam-packed with cutting edge principles. additionally, his lucid motives of the foremost plans and strategies will gain all gamers. *Up-to-date insurance of the Sicilian Dragon *Packed with key new principles and demanding research *Written through a well known starting specialist

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26 ... Re8 27 Rxd6 Qe7 28 Bd5 (Diagram 59) Diagram 58 (W) Diagram 59 (B) The position is quite scary for Black, but he should be able to defend himself. 28 ... Kf8?! This is a big mistake. Practice has shown that Black can keep things together with 2B ... QC7! and then: a) 29 Qd2 RcB 30 Rxg6 (perhaps the patient 30 Rh2!? could be tried) 30... Rxc2 31 Bxf7+ Qxf7 32 Rxg7leads to an assortment of perpetual checks. b) 29 Qh7+ KfB 30 Rxg6 Qes forces 31 Rxg7 Qxg7 32 g6 Qxh7 33 gxh7 NhB with an unclear ending.

Black sacrifices the exchange and a pawn. The most common move is actually lS ... Rc8, but White can now safely grab the pawn with 16 NdxbS. Black has scored horrendously after both 16 ... a6 17 Nd4 QC7 18 Nde2 and 16 ... Qas when White has done very well with both 17 a4 and 17 NdS. WARNING: 15 ... Rc5? 16 Ne6! wins material for no compensation - a trap that has caught out dozens of players, including several grandmasters! 16 bxc4 White can back out with 16 Nce2, but this looks far less challenging.

20 Rhfl (White is probably better off with 20 exf6 exf6 21 Qxg4 Bxh122 Rxhl fxgs 23 hxgs with unclear play) (Diagram 39) when Black has a pleasant choice: al) 20 ... Ne4 21 Qxg4 NxC3 and now rather than 22 Rxd6 Nxa2+ 23 Kbl (not 23 Kb2? Qxd6) 23 ... Nc3+ 24 Kb2 Na4+ 2S Ka3 Qe8! ,White should probably try 22 exd6, but Black has at least a draw with 22 ... Nxa2+ 23 Kbl NC3+. a2) 20 ... NdS! is a relatively new idea: 21 Qel (if 21 Qxg4 Ne3) 21 ... QC7! Bennborn, correspondence 200S. This looks messy, but it is in fact good for Black.

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