By Valentin Bogdanov

Chess defined books offer an realizing of a gap and the middlegames to which it leads, allowing you in finding the precise strikes and plans on your personal video games. it truly is as though you have been sitting on the board with a chess trainer answering your questions about the plans for each side, the guidelines at the back of specific strikes, and what particular wisdom you must have.The Gr?nfeld Defence is likely one of the so much competitive openings at Black's disposal. He creates instant imbalance and plans to strike at White's centre with all to be had assets. An insipid reaction from White won't even keep equality, so in most cases strains he is taking up the gauntlet: he creates a wide pawn-centre and places this to take advantage of to release an assault. whereas the idea of those strains has been commonly constructed, there's a coherent logical thread operating via them: the Gr?nfeld is basically a gap of grand principles, which have to be understood good which will become familiar with the speculation and deal with the ensuing positions. This e-book presents a dialogue of all significant strains, and a different contribution from Viacheslav Eingorn at the key principles of the Rb1 alternate major line, which he was once instrumental in constructing within the Nineteen Seventies and Nineteen Eighties.

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White's pieces are placed quite actively, but Black doesn't merely have an extra pawn, but his majority has CHESS EXPLAINED: THE GRONFELD 46 now been transformed into a pair of passed pawns. For the sake of setting these pawns in motion, he can acquiesce to considerable con­ cessions in other sectors of the battlefield. adequate game. xa1 15 'it'xa1 f6 (D) since Bannik-Novotelnov, USSR Team Ch, Tbilisi 1 95 1 , but rejected by theory because of the result of that game. B w It is evident that White has at least some compensation: his pieces are more active, and the black king's position is weakened by the ab­ sence of the dark-squared bishop.

NON-STANDARD LINES WITH cxd5 This move is inspired by the analogous ma­ noeuvre from the l:tb1 Exchange Variation. The rook evades a possible attack and sets its sights on the b7-pawn. After 10 ltJf3 Black achieved equality in Karpov-Timofeev, Russian Team Ch, Sochi 2007: 1 0... a6 1 5 :c 1 'ife5. txa2. Speaking formally, the change in the pawn-structure favours White: he has now one pawn-island fewer whereas Black has one more, although whether you consider the a7-pawn a passed pawn or a weakness depends on your re­ serve of optimism.

C2; or 40 f5 'iii'xeS - only this line gives a glimmer of hope. gl+ 38 �g2? g2 The rook comes to the rescue in time, picking up a pawn along the way. Now the pair of passed pawns and the strong bishop make White's tech­ nical task quite feasible. d2 tt'le6 49 �d5 For the sake of keeping the e5-pawn, White agrees to the exchange of the minor pieces and wrongly so. With the bishop present the passed pawns would run at a much faster pace. r2 (D) And here is the rook endgame, along with its inherent drawish traditions.

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