By Juliet Marillier

Magic is fading... and the methods of guy are riding the previous Ones to the West, past the ken of humankind. the traditional groves are being destroyed, and if not anything is completed, eire will lose its crucial mystic center.

The prophecies of some time past have foretold the way to hinder this horror, and it's the Sevenwaters extended family that the spirits of ireland glance to for salvation. they're a kinfolk sure into the lifeblood of the land, and their promise to maintain the magic has been the reason for nice pleasure to them... in addition to nice sorrow.

It is as much as Fianne, daughter of Niamh, the misplaced sister of Sevenwaters, to resolve the riddles of energy. A shy baby of a reclusive sorcerer, she unearths that her method is tough: She is the granddaughter of the depraved sorceress Oonagh, who has emerged from the shadows and seeks to smash all that Sevenwaters has striven for. Oonagh will use Fianne so much cruelly to complete her ends, and prevents at not anything to work out her will performed.

Will Fianne be powerful sufficient to conflict this evil and shop these she has come to like?

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Foot defenses often came to points at the toes a fashion of that time. Sometimes they had very long points that could be removed for walking. Others had broad, round toes. — Solleret A FULL SUIT OF PLATE ARMOR The 47 was covered by three pieces that protected the calf, knee, and thigh. Sometimes they were buckled on separately, but on some suits they were connected. The defense for the calf was called the greave. It was made in two pieces, with metal hinges on the outside of the leg, and fastened with a strap and buckle on the inside.

Called poleyns. So armorers made small plates fitted to the knees, Then they added metal shin guards, sometimes with foot defenses as well. Later, round plates called couters were added at the elbows, and gutter-shaped plates were made to protect the upper arms. Discs, called besagews, were also added and armpits. Eventually the knight's arms were completely protected with metal. Boiled leather and quilted fabric remained popular for thigh defenses, since knights found this more comfortable on horseback.

At the squire's training, he fasted, bathed, ceremony, the lord touched the shoulders of the kneeling squire three times with a sword blade, transforming him into a knight. He was then given his spurs the symbols of knighthood. These were attached to his heels and were used to urge his horse forward. Early spurs had a single, straight point. Later, they had a spiked wheel called a rowel. A knight was usually buried with — his spurs. i/'! <•; Water Wheel Powering the Mechanical Bellows of a Furnace -^' "^^ The Armorer and His Craft CHAPTER THREE The armorer was extremely important because of the protection it suppHed the knight in battle.

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