By Lucan

Translated via Susan H. Braund

Lucan's epic poem at the civil battle among Caesar and Pompey, unfinished on the time of his dying, stands beside the poems of Virgil and Ovid within the first rank of Latin epic. This newly annotated, unfastened verse translation conveys the entire strength of Lucan's writing and his grimly real looking view of the topic. The paintings is a robust condemnation of civil warfare, emphasizing the stark, darkish horror of the catastrophies which the Roman country inflicted upon itself. either the advent and word list set the scene for readers unusual with Lucan and discover his dating with prior writers of Latin epic, and his curiosity within the sensational.

About the sequence: For over a hundred years Oxford World's Classics has made on hand the broadest spectrum of literature from all over the world. each one cheap quantity displays Oxford's dedication to scholarship, supplying the main actual textual content plus a wealth of alternative helpful positive factors, together with specialist introductions via best specialists, voluminous notes to elucidate the textual content, updated bibliographies for extra research, and lots more and plenty extra.

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If the PCs agree to spare the cult, Myra offers the Clavis Somnus and tells the PCs it holds the answers to those they seek. She maintains that “a sect of our brotherhood— excommunicated heretics—sought to open a portal to the realm of dreams and awaken a powerful artifact. ” For her part, Myra believes she did both her cult and Korvosa a favor, but recognizes that this betrayal sparked the nightmare plague. She also reveals that “there was a book that told all, a large tome that held the secrets of the ceremony.

In addition, some of the house’s inhabitants—namely the excommunicates, Sally Scrabblebones, and the quasit Millikin—have the ability to affect the morphic nature of the house and its environment (see page 242 of Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures). They retain this ability despite their physical presence in the realm, unlike other creatures who lose that ability. They can cause doors to disappear or reappear, trapping intruders within. They can cause staircases to appear to go on for hundreds more feet than physically possible, to lead back to the same room PCs exited, or to disappear entirely.

If she survives, she may stay in the increasingly flooded chamber, laughing maniacally as her life’s work topples around her. Development: It is important that the PCs receive the Clavis Somnus. ” If Myra is killed, you can draw PCs’ attention to the mithral key she clutches in the moments before MogLathar’s animation, giving them time to retrieve it. As a last resort, PCs can find the key clutched in the hands of a trampled cultist in area G12 as they exit the presbytery. The PCs will not yet fully realize the key’s importance until they read its psychic history and retrieve the Paginarum Lethargica in Part 2, but for now you should portray it as a very important cult item tied to a schism with excommunicated heretics.

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