By Gerry T. M. Altmann

Cognitive versions of Speech Processing offers vast reports of present considering on psycholinguistic and computational subject matters in speech attractiveness and natural-language processing, in addition to a considerable physique of latest experimental facts and computational simulations. subject matters diversity from lexical entry and the popularity of phrases in non-stop speech to syntactic processing and the courting among syntactic and intonational structure.A Bradford ebook. ACL-MIT Press sequence in traditional Language Processing

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This suppressionof the embeddedword is even more effective in words with larger initial syllables, like guitar, and is more or lesscomplete with words like confineand trombone. ) A number of points may be made about these predictions. First , it is difficult to assessthe more quantitative predictions of TRACE : a small amount of activation may be sufficient to qualify a lexical entry for semantic assessmentin parallel with many other hypotheses. Second, a more psychologically realistic version of TRACE would allow differencesin the acousticrealization of segmentsto be reflectedin the sizeof the activations they engenderat the different levels; phonological reduction would result initially in smaller amounts of activation at all levels.

There was, however, no significant correlation betweenpriming and frequency of the two -syllable word , which suggeststhat the complete explanation contains more than this. The secondanswer involves a single competitor . The apparent role of the frequency of the most frequent word in the word -initial cohort (at least in the monomorphemic words) suggeststhat partially overlapping competitors in the word -initial cohort (give and guitar , for instance) need to be considered. ) This account seems to agreewith the resultsof cross-modal priming experimentsby Zwitserlood ( 1985), reviewedin Marslen-Wilson 1987, to the effectthat when two words have both been activated by a shared first syllable, the more frequent of the two is activatedmore, the determining factor being the frequencydifference betweenthem.

The TRACE model of speechperception. Cognitive Psychology 18: 1- 86. Manlen -Wilson , W . D . 1973. Linguistic structure and speechshadowing at very short latencies. Nature 244: 522- 523. Manlen -Wilson , W. D . 1987. Functional parallelism in spoken word -recognition. Cognition 25: 71- 102. Manlen -Wilson , W . , and Welsh, A . 1978. Processinginteractions during word recognition in continuous speech. Cognitive Psychology 10:29- 63. Nakatani , L . , and Dukes, K . D . 1977. Locus of segmental cues for word juncture .

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