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1988) Keynesionism, Monetarism and the Crisis of the State. Edward Elger, Aldershot. Clarke, S. (ed) (1991a) The State Debate. Macmillan, London. (1979) Reading Capital Politically. Harvester, Sussex. ', Common Sense 9. Cde, K. et a1 (1991) Why Economists Disagree. Longman, London. Holloway, J. and S. Picciotto (1977) 'Capital, Crisis and the State', Capital and Claw 2. Holloway, J. (1991) 'In the beginning was the scream', Common Sense 11. Holloway, J. (1992) 'The Reform of the State', in Perfiles Lotinwmericanos 1.

Women, blacks, students, black students, black women, and so on. O Although earlier European centered analyses of this process appeared in Italy in the late 1%Cs and early 1970s scanend pieces of which appeared ip translation in the 'oumals Rad~cal America and Telos the first detaile6 American elabonhon of tlus a d y s l s appeared in the k t issue of the journal Zerowork tn becember 1975. The bulk of the that fust issue has just been reissued as part of Midnight Oil: Work. Energy. War, 1973-1992 (Brooklyn: Autonomedia, 1992) by the Midnight Notes Collective.

Not only against capital, but for themselves. Although it is in practice often difficult to separate out the two moments of resistance and selfvalorization, the distinction is fundamental to the notion that the working class becomes a revolutionary subject, not merely reacting to domination but constituting a new world through its self-activity. Because the term has been developed in a way that conceptualizes working class selfvalorization not as unified but as diverse, it provides a theoretical articulation of the tradition within "autonomist Marxism" of recognizing the autonomy not merely of the working class but of various sectors of it.

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