By Alan H. Batten (auth.), Elias G. Mariolopoulos, Pericles S. Theocaris, L. N. Mavridis (eds.)

When we first approached a few colleagues allover the realm to sound them a couple of quantity devoted to Professor John Xanthakis at the celebration of finishing twenty-five years of medical actions as fellow of the nationwide Academy of Athens, any attainable doubts as to the feasibility of the undertaking have been fast dispelled by way of their hot and inspiring reaction. very quickly 50 authors from 15 nations, coming from quite a lot of Professor Xanthakis' quick colleagues, students and acquaintances joined to provide the 36 contributions incorporated during this quantity. a few of those that the place initially approached came across themselves un­ in a position to give a contribution, due to the time-limit inevitably imposed. Happi­ ly, they have been in basic terms few in quantity, and we must always wish to checklist our grat­ itude to them for his or her solid needs for the good fortune of the enterprise. Their hot phrases have been one of several resources of inspiring encouragement prolonged to us.

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Lncreases from group to group. 00001. Table IV gives the smallest value of J l in each group. J l tends to be equal to J. with decreasing 8. The variation of adiabatic invariant becomes progF~ssively smaller with the increasing number of periods; its constancy is very well conserved when the number THE BEHAVIOUR OF ADIABATIC INVARIANTS NEAR RESONANCES 41 of periods is larger than eight. Table IV Maxima and minima of E f . 44 Number of periods 3 5 8 12 16 20 Bxl0 2 from 1. 213 max. Mxl0 3 min.

BCI cent. 000 stadia to the meridian circle; this being the value picked up by Marinos of Tyre (II century AD) in his Geography, and by Ptolemy (II century AD) in his Almagesto. Cf. F. Enriques-G. de Santillana, Storia del pensiero scientifico, Zanichelli, Bologna 1932, pp. 279-281; P. Tannery, Recherches sur l'Histoire de l'astronomie ancienne, Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1893. For a more extensive bibliography and more up-to-date information, cf .. ' the recent book by G. Dragoni, Eratostene e l'apogeo della scienza greca, CLUEB, Bologna, 1979, pp.

1. The grain will experience a repulsive force due to the radiation pressure P d of the star S and we may write, per unit volume: ra dP rad K (1 ) F dr c RADIATION PRESSURE EFFECT ON DUST 45 here K is a weighted mean extinction coefficient of the dust and the energy flux is equal to L F when we neglect the extinction of the radiation before it reaches the grain, which is justified for a cloud of sufficiently low density. The monochromatic coefficient KA is related to the cross-section for the radiative interaction of the grains and to the dust grain density nd through the product KA 0A n d · = Taking the mean value K of KA , weighted by the fluxes, we get straightforwardly the force acting on a single grain f rad LA 6A is given by the spectral type of S in th~ interval 6A around A and 0A is usually written in the form = TI rd qA r being the radius of a dust grain, assumed spherical, while qA is an ef~iciency factor depending on rdiA in the framework of the Mie theory (Wicramasinghe, 1967).

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