By Francesco Maria Guazzo

This impressive record, one in every of an important manuals ever compiled on witchcraft, deals awesome perception into the early seventeenth-century brain and society's makes an attempt to deal with the evils it observed manifested in sorcery.
A number of writings through the Ambrosian monk Francesco Maria Guazzo, the Compendium comprehensively and penetratingly describes the whole perform and career of witchcraft. First released in 1608, the commentaries got here at a suitable time. modern debts famous that witchcraft and sorcery had "spread in all directions," leaving "no state, city, village, or district, no category of society" unfastened from the perform. This probing paintings, by way of a distinctive author and pupil who perceived the satan as an evil strength looking to smash men's our bodies and souls, was once an try to aid guy reside piously and devoutly, therefore guarding opposed to such seductions and manipulations.
Reproduced from an extraordinary constrained version released in 1929 and supplemented with many erudite editorial notes by means of the Rev. Montague Summers, the Compendium Maleficarum comprises profoundly critical discussions of witches' pacts with the satan, finely distinctive descriptions of witches' powers, poisons, and crimes; sleep-inducing spells and techniques for elimination them, apparitions of demons and specters, illnesses attributable to demons, and different issues. additionally tested intimately are witches' alleged powers to move themselves from position to put, create dwelling issues, make beasts speak and the lifeless reappear; witches' use of faith to heal the unwell, legislation saw through witches to reason and healing ailment, changes among demoniacs and the bewitched, and different matters from the world of the supernatural.
Here is an encyclopedic tract of incalculable worthy to the historians and scholar of the occult and someone intrigued through necromantic lore, sabbats, sorceries, and trafficking with demons.

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