By V. K. Gupta, S.C. Taneja and B.D.Gupta

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2005). 38 Compo Bio. Nat. , Vol. , 2004, 2005). It is worthwhile mentioning that according to cholinergic hypothesis, the most promising therapeutic strategy to treat Alzheimer disease is to activate central cholinergic functions (Perry, 1986). Choudhary et al. (2004, 2005) assessed the potential of several withanolides from W somnifera in inhibiting AChE enzyme. 5 /lm (concentration required for 50% inhibition of AChE). 50 /lm. , 2004). Anti-Parasitary Activity In the last few years several medicinal plants have provided many secondary metabolites with leishmanicidal and trypanocidal activities, but due to their high cytotoxicity they have never made into clinical trials.

Nat. , Vol. 24 (277) RI = OMe, R4 = OH, Rs = OAc, L'J. p. p. p. p. p. p. 1, MeOH) (283) R4 = Rn = OH, L'J. p. p. p. p. p. 67 Recent Insights on the Chemistry and Pharmacology of Withasteroids 17 Contd. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. p. 251-252°C. p. p. p. p. 03, CHCla> ~2 18 Compo Bio. Nat. , Vol. 6 - Extraction, Isolation & Characterization Contd. p. p. p. 16 m,p. , 1997). They are unique in their structure. p. p. 176-177°C Withanolides Bearing an Aromatic Ring D System These withanolides differ from the last ones due to the presence of an aromatic ring D instead of ring A.

P. p. p. P ~ O~ o - - -' HO"" • ",,,,II OR (256) m,p. p. 1, (CH)2CO) (341) m,p. 272-274°C *All not specified R groups correspond to hydrogen atoms Compo Bio. Nat. , Vol. 6 - Extraction, Isolation & Characterization 32 Withaphysalins These compounds are the intermediates formed during the biosynthesis of physalins from withanolides. Except withaphysalin C, all the others have a carbocycle skeleton intact from the ergostan precursor and seem to be structurally similar to the physalins, due to the presence of a y-Iactone or lactol fused to ring D of the steroidal nucleus.

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