By David I. Schneider

Comprises 2 CD's 1.Visual uncomplicated 6.0 operating version 2.Computer Programming ideas and visible simple - either sealed and feature by no means been opened

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Such a label would be placed next to a text box into which the user will enter a phone number. 4. Click on the label to select it, and then widen it until all words are on the same line. 5. Make the label narrower until the words occupy two lines. 6. Activate the Properties window, and double-click on the Alignment property. Double-click two more times and observe the label’s appearance. The combination of sizing and alignment permits you to design a label easily. 7. Run the program. Nothing happens, even if you click on the label.

Your first program and its location should appear at the top of the list. ) 35. Click on the name of your first program and then click on the Open button. Alternatively, double-click on the name. ) A COMMAND BUTTON WALKTHROUGH 1. Press Alt/F/N and double-click on Standard EXE to start a new program. There is no need to save anything. 2. Double-click on the command button icon to place a command button in the center of the form. ) 3. Activate the Properties window, highlight the Caption property, and type “Please Push Me”.

Print 2 + 9W = 5 Reason for Error Misspelling of keyword No number follows the plus sign 9W is not a valid variable name 6. Errors detected while a program is running are called run-time errors. Although some run-time errors are due to improper syntax, others result from the inability of the computer to carry out the intended task. ” The dialog box generated by a run-time error states the type of error and has a row of four command buttons captioned Continue, End, Debug, and Help. If you click on the Debug command button, Visual Basic will highlight in yellow the line of code that caused the error.

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