By Robert Jordan

Conan is ensnared by means of the charms of the wily and lovely Karela, who's secretly the pink Hawk, fearless chief of a staff of brigands. She leads Conan to stand the remarkable problem of the serpentinely evil necromancer Amanar.

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The fierce tribesmen's way with strangers was simple, short and deadly. One not of his clan, even another hillman, was an enemy, and enemies were for killing. " Karela said quietly. At Aberius' anxious nod she cursed under her breath. "And the soldiers behind," Hordo growled. Karela's green eyes flashed at the bearded man. " "Watch you don't become an old woman," she sneered. "We'll leave the trail, and let the hillmen and the soldiers exhaust themselves on each other. " Conan laughed, and tensed as the red-haired woman rounded on him with her hand on her sword.

Around the remains of the fires was scruffed ground where men had slept. Perhaps fifty, he estimated. Well away from the fires were holes from the pegs and poles of a large tent. Four other holes, though, spaced in a large square, interested him more. A short, bowlegged cavalryman trotted up and touched his sloping forehead. " His voice became flatly noncommittal. " Haranides looked to where two men were digging a hole in the hillside for the remains of the body. Aheranates apparently had decided he should search rather than oversee their work as ordered.

What shall I do about this rescue? Sitha, command the patrols, if they find this man Conan they are to bring me his skin. Not the man. " Velita shrieked and crumpled forward to rest her sobbing head on her knees. Amanar laughed again. The other women watched him, terror-struck. But not enough, he thought. "Each night you will dance for me, all five of you. She who pleases me most will gain my bed for the night. The middle three will be whipped and sleep in chains. " he paused, feeling the anxiety grow "...

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