By Jacques Vallee

In CONFRONTATIONS, the second one quantity of a trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallee in my view investigates 40 remarkable unidentified flying object circumstances from worldwide. He unearths it surprising that pro scientists have by no means heavily tested this fabric. This e-book is ready the hopes, reviews, and the frustrations of a scientist who has long past into the sphere to enquire a weird and wonderful, seductive, and infrequently terrifying phenomenon said via many witnesses as a touch with an alien type of intelligence.

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Felkin witnessed a man changing into an animal when he attended a ceremony by a witch doctor. The events are recorded in a yet unpublished biography of Felkin by Connel Townsend. In the 1918 edition of England's CornhillMagazine it relates the experience of a British officer serving in ~ i g e r i a w h wounded o and trackeda hyena and eventuallyfound it had changed into human form. In England in the 1960's, aresearcher investigating shape changing was invited to witness it by a Wiccan Priestess.

Jung called this drawing on the collective unconscious, but it is much more. It is by studying modem physicists like Michael Talbot and David Bohm that we begin to understand what adepts like Mathers and Crowley were getting at. Bohm outlined his theory on a multidimensional reality in the book Wholeness and Implicate " For agood example of practical alchemy in the Herbal Kingdom see Practical handbook on Plant Alchemy, by Manfred Junius. A. He determined a link at sub-atomic level between our reality and its higher macrocosmic self.

Io6 The black signifies the darkness which conceals a threatening and avenging force ready to act if attacked. Black is a colour that absorbs negative energy like a sponge with water. The black restricts the growth of negativity by condensing it. 'ol Same as that worn by the magus of the art. lo' The Golden Dawn, and its later off shoot, the Stella Matutina, used colored candles with the sigils carved on them in the complementary color. In this case it would be an orange candle with the sigil of the spirit in mauve.

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