By Chuck Missler

Are we in ownership of messages of extraterrestrial starting place? if this is the case, what do they suggest? What do those messages from the sting of eternity portend for the long run? What has the technology of cryptology published approximately those old texts? Is our universe itself a "digital message"? Do those messages clarify the period among the miracle of our foundation and the secret of our future? learn the consequences of our finite universe and the surprising discoveries of quantum physics on the very limitations of truth and study their importance to our beginning and private destinies! you'll develop in pleasure as Chuck Missler info incredible hidden messages in the textual content of the Torah which can purely were positioned there by means of the good writer Himself. He explores the influence of data sciences on our knowing of historic texts...including microcodes, macrocodes, and good because the hugely debatable "equidistant letter sequences" came across within the Bible. it is possible for you to to take advantage of this interesting details to find the hidden messages your self simply because a lot of them don't require a working laptop or computer to decipher.

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As the people began to write in the Greek alphabet of their rulers, the uniqueness of hieroglyphics became increasingly limited and gradually became the professional secrets of the priests. The hieroglyphic vocabulary contracted, inscriptions grew increasingly stereotyped, and the hieroglyphic tradition ultimately flickered out. THE ROSETTA STONE Scholars continued to be fascinated with hieroglyphs over the centuries but generated more fanciful folklore than insight. However, quite by accident, a stone that exhibited three different scripts—hieroglyphic, demotic, and Greek—was discovered by members of Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt in 1799, a few miles north of Rashid (French, Rosette; English, Rosetta) on the Mediterranean Coast 30 miles east of Alexandria.

The saga of brilliant and dedicated men, whose diligence unlocked the treasures of past civilizations, shares the same frustrations and challenges—and draws upon many of the same skills—as the cryptanalysts exploit in the depths of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade. In one way the linguistic problem is easier because there has been no deliberate concealment. In another way, however, it is far more difficult because an entire language must be reconstructed. But how do you read the unknown writing of a civilization long dead?

No portion of this book may reproduced in any form without the written permission of the Publisher. Printed in the United States of America. “Cosmic Codes was the authoritative resource that we relied on in the research of our PAX-TV/Discovery Channel television special Secrets of the Bible Code Revealed. ” DAVID W. BALSIGER PRODUCER, SECRETS OF THE BIBLE CODE REVEALED “Chuck Missler writes from a technological and Biblical background in this cutting-edge analysis of the hidden codes of the Bible.

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