By Courtney Brown

In his groundbreaking booklet Cosmic Voyage, Courtney Brown printed the lifestyles of 2 extraterrestrial civilizations whose destinies are intertwined with our personal. utilizing a process of subspace surveillance formerly exploited through the U.S. army, Cosmic Voyage confirmed what many have lengthy suspected: we're not on my own. . . even the following in the world. In Cosmic Explorers, Dr. Brown takes his examine a serious step extra, in a riveting precise tale that expands humanities trip into the private mysteries of the cosmos.

Based on exceptional clinical proof utilizing medical distant Viewing (SRV), Cosmic Explorers maintains the hunt for extraterrestrial existence, and sounds a big caution.

"I am particularly inspired with Dr. Courtney Brown's well timed study on extraterrestrials as awarded in Cosmic Explorers. the knowledge could appear very a long way out, yet with our new consciousness-based technological know-how drawn from contemporary advances within the interpretation of quantum physics, the knowledge are supported by means of a few of our theories." --Amit Goswami, Ph.D., Professor of Theoretical Physics, college of Oregon

"In Cosmic Explorers Dr. Brown...clearly explains the mechanics during which clinical distant viewing is finished, provides verifiable demonstrations of the method, after which keeps his quest to enquire extraterrestrial life." --Richard Moore, M.D.

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Cocklin also said that he had looked out the windows of the control tower and saw one of the objects high overhead. He 34 INVASION WASHINGTON described the object later as a bright orange light but he could see no shape behind the light and could offer no other details about it. Barnes next called Andrews Air Force Base, which is nearby, and asked if they had anything on their radars, but was told that the only thing being tracked by them was a C-47 (the military version of the DC-3) that was about an hour away from Washington, scheduled to land at Andrews.

This meant that the guard had gotten a very good look at the object. This was no fleeting light seen for only a few seconds. Back at Andrews, Staff Sergeant Charles Davenport spotted an orange-red light to the south of the base. " Davenport called the tower and the men there also saw the object before it vanished in a burst of speed. The ARTC again told the controllers at Andrews that they still had the targets on their scopes. There is conflicting data in the files, and in other source documents, because some of the reports suggest that the Andrews radar showed nothing, while other reports claim it did.

Capt. Ruppelt called Col. Bower in Lt. Col. Teaburg's office and offered to stay over in Washington to get the investigation started but was advised that this should not be done. Ruppelt was not without support in official Washington, however. Ruppelt had been told that President Harry Truman was interested in the sightings and wished that a full investigation be made. Ruppelt, of course, wanted to comply, but there just wasn't time late on Monday afternoon for him to make the arrangements to stay, let alone begin his investigation, without getting into trouble with the Air Force.

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